Lettuce in the sun


The sun is far away from the earth, reaching 150 million kilometers. Under the sun, if there is no shade,

the illuminance in the same area is basically the same. Generally speaking,

the crop growth in this area is basically the same.


If artificial light source plant lights are used to grow crops, due to the attenuation of light in the air,

the farther the plant lights are from the plant canopy, the lower the light utilization rate will be;

to save energy, irradiate crops at close range (0.15-0.5m). The ideal way of working for plant lights,

but for short-distance illumination, there is no luminaire optimized for light uniformity,

and there is often a strong light in the center. This light spot is easy to burn the plants.


Harm of uneven light:

Light Hot Spot Too High, Plants Burned !

Light Too Low, Crops Grow Slowly !

Uneven Light Caused Some Plants To Shade Others !


The uniformity of light is very important to the growth of plants.

If the light is uneven, some plants will absorb more light than other plants,
which will cause uneven growth and cause some plants to shade other plants.

Uneven light will also cause water insufficiency Even areas with high light will dry faster than other areas.


In short, if the central light is too high, it will burn the plants, and if the light is too low,

the crop will grow slowly, which will reduce the yield and quality of the crop.



The illumination uniformity of the plant lamp, the optimization method adopts different condenser lenses




Plant grow lighting uniformity optimization method, using different LED arrangements


Large-area planting, using a lot plant grow lights, Plant lighting uniformity also needs to be optimized.

However, in a small area or planting crops in a plant tent, the plants have uneven lighting,

which will greatly reduce the actual planting area, and the suspension height will be too high,

which will reduce the lighting efficiency.


Crops growing under plant grow lights



Finally, I would like to say that in either case, the benefits of high light uniformity to crops are obvious!