Why do we need adjustable spectrum plant grow lights? The advantages of tunable spectroscopy

What is the best plant grow light spectrum?

The spectrum that can be adjusted is the High quality plant light spectrum




Adjustable spectrum, adjust your best spectrum, improve crop quality, and increase yield.



We know that different plants have different needs for light, and different growth stages have different needs for light.

Obviously, these problems or requirements cannot be solved by plant lights with a fixed spectrum.

Therefore, we need the plant lights with adjustable spectrum,

and only the plant lights with adjustable spectrum can meet the complex planting needs.

The plant light with adjustable spectrum can give different plant spectrum in different growth period,

which can improve the medicinal and nutritional content of your product.



For example, if you want to increase the yield of green vegetables, you can add UVA ultraviolet light 15-20 days before harvest,

PPFD about 10 µmol/m²/s

UVA can increase the content of plant compounds, improve the flavor and taste!




For example: we hope to increase the number of flower buds and harvest in advance.

We can turn on far red or infrared light during the flowering period of the crop to promote the growth of flower buds.

The 730nm LEDs can be used to influence the length growth of the plant. “shade escape reaction”



Advantages of tunable spectrum:

Oriented by results, give plants different spectrums and illumination at different planting

stages, and even give crops different spectrums and illumination at different times of the day



Generally speaking, the preferred spectra for plant growth and development are as follows:

In the seedling stage, provide high blue and white light

Vegetative growth stage, add more red 660nm light

At the flowering stage, add more far-red 730nm light