6 elements of Best grow lights:Effectivity, High efficiency and energy saving, Safe and Reliable, Long-life, Human perceived comfort, Intelligent control!


The main factors of plant cultivation effect are: light uniformity, light intensity and spectrum!

G80 series grow light meet 6 elements of high-quality plant growth lights


Excellent light uniformity: U0>0.9; It is much better than similar products.



More light, higher average PPFD


The same power consumption, the same coverage, provide more illumination PPFD.


Multiple spectra can be selected, common commercial planting and experimental cultivation


For general commercial planting, please select full spectrum U40, which has been cultivated in North America for many years and has very good cultivation effect;


Please select U195 for experimental and professional cultivation of medicinal plants. G80-U195 dual-channel adjustable spectral plant growth lamp



Adjustable spectrum, different growth stages, using different spectrum