There are at least 7,000 tomato varieties in the world. It takes more than 70 years to plant 100 varieties every year before all varieties can be planted. In more than 70 years, many new varieties should be produced!


The tomato varieties that have been bred are: Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomatoes, Indigo Pear Drops Tomatoes, Green Tiger Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomatoes, Heirloom Sweet Million Heirloom Sweet Millionaire Tomatoes, Super Sweet 100 Super sweet 100 Tomato, Beefsteaktomato…

  1.  Summer Sun

In the summer sun, Israel’s Hazera cherry tomatoes, one of the most expensive varieties of tomatoes, are now planted up to USD 1 per seed.


  1.  Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato

Sunrise Bumblebee, yellow-orange, rich in flesh, burst juice in one bite, 20-25 grams each


3  Indigo Pear Drops Tomato

Ornamental pear-shaped fruit, orange peel, moderate sweetness and sourness


4  Green Tiger Tomato

Dark green zebra stripes, yellow-green flesh, green when mature


5  San Marzano Tomato


San Masano, long fruit, classic Italian tomato


6 Heirloom Sweet Million Tomato

                                                       Sweet Million Tomato, a classic variety, very sweet, early-maturing variety  


7.   100 Super sweet 100 Tomato

                                                                               Super sweet 100, skewered tomatoes, long harvest time


8.Beefsteak tomato

                                                           The largest tomato variety in the world, not only big, but also very tasty


9  Blackball Tomato


10 Blush Tomato


11.Purple tomato


12 Green Doctors Tomato


13 Mint Julep Tomato


14   Sweet Aperitif Tomato


15  Yellow Pear Tomato


These varieties are used for scion, or can only be used for scion, in addition to these, some tomato rootstock varieties are also needed.


I will buy seedlings for planting some varieties, which can save a lot of time. When buying seedlings, you must carefully check the seedlings and do not bring in pests!


Let us look forward to the harvest of planting together!