G550 four-channel plant light, the sample has been made, and the test result is satisfactory!

It should be noted that: G550-4H is a plant light for professional growers, not suitable for beginners

The following is a discussion on the use of G550-4H to grow hemp. Because it involves UVA lamp beads, improper use may reduce the output, so this method does not constitute an operation recommendation

General quantum board plant light module, given the planting area, the flowering period of hemp is: 5’*5’, and 1.5×1.5m plant tent

After actual tests, in the field of professional planting, I think 4’*4’ (1.2×1.2m) plant tents are more suitable. Compared with 5’*5’ plant tents, the uniformity of light will be greatly improved.


Cannabis varieties: It is recommended to adopt photoperiod flowering varieties, which have high yield and can be propagated by cuttings (stem cuttings)


“Horti Guru” and G550-4H cannabis cultivation password (for reference only)


Note:Although the test results UVA 395-400nm has a very low illuminance, 15umol/m2/s at 24″ (0.61m), we still do not recommend beginners to use it. We will not sell this product to individual consumers for the time being. If you are a professional grower, or a researcher in cannabis cultivation, please contact us!


“Horti Guru” plant grow light control system, setting method:

Open the “Horti Guru” APP application, enter the device, click programming settings, copy program 1, edit channel color, edit growth stage, growth cycle, daily light time, light intensity PPFD, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and other data, such as Picture: