What is the best plant grow light spectrum? My answer is: the spectrum that can be adjusted is the best plant light spectrum.

4-channel adjustable spectrum plant grow light spectrogram


The advantages of tunable spectra are:

Oriented by results, give plants different spectrums and illumination at different planting stages, and even give crops different spectrums and illumination at different times of the day.


We know that different plants have different needs for light, and different growth stages have different needs for light.

Even if it is the same plant at the same growth stage, if we need different planting results, we also need different spectra. (For example, we want to increase the flavor and taste of leafy vegetables, for example, we want to increase the content of compounds, THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.)

Obviously, these problems or requirements cannot be solved by plant lights with a fixed spectrum.

Therefore, we need the plant lights with adjustable spectrum, and only the plant lights with adjustable spectrum can meet the complex planting needs.


As professional growers, we hope to improve the yield and quality of the crops we grow, and we hope that the taste and flavor of our crops are unique and the most attractive. The plant lamp with adjustable spectrum can give different plant spectrum in different growth period, which can improve the medicinal and nutritional content of your product.


For example, if you want to increase the yield of green vegetables, you can provide UVA ultraviolet light 15-20 days before harvest, and PPFD light is about 10 µmol/m²/s.

Hydroponic micro-green vegetables under plant grow lights


Dual-channel plant light, UVA ultraviolet light can be turned on as needed


For example: we hope to increase the number of flower buds and harvest in advance. We can turn on far red or infrared light during the flowering period of the crop to promote the growth of flower buds.

At the flowering stage, turn on the far red light to increase the harvest



Dual-channel plant light, providing far red light of about 10µmol/m²/s during the flowering period


Finally, it needs to be explained that there is no existing best spectrum, only the most suitable spectrum at the moment. Science is developing, and the times are advancing. The best spectrum is created by itself, using multi-channel self-adjustment, and professional growers know it even more. What spectrum does your plant use.


Adjustable spectrum requires intelligent control. In the follow-up, we will discuss the Horti Guru plant light controller and how to achieve spectrum control.


to be continued