Very important plant lighting uniformity and high PPFD uniformity plant lights recommendation!


Let’s start with the conclusion: Only when the light is even, the plants grow evenly, and the light evenness is high, so that every plant of yours can be taken care of.


Model : G4000UR LED quantum board plant grow                           Model :G80 foldable plant grow light optimized for

          light optimized for light uniformity                                                                        PPFD uniformity 


The uniformity of light is very important to the growth of plants. If the light is uneven, some plants will absorb more light than other plants, which will cause uneven growth and cause some plants to shade other plants. Uneven light will also cause water insufficiency Even areas with high light will dry faster than other areas.

If the hot spot is too high, it will burn the plants, and if the light is too low, the crop will grow slowly.

1.In the indoor planting scene of a family, even if we use high-reflectivity plant tents, we need to use products that have been optimized for light uniformity, such as LED quantum panels commonly used in medicinal plant cultivation.

In the general LED plant light quantum board, there will be a very high light hot spot directly under the light fixture, which is easy to burn the plants.


                                                                                                                                 Even light and even crop growth                               

There is a hot spot in the center, which is easy to burn crops.                                            Koray high-uniformity LED quantum board, after optimizing

The PPFD of the four corners is low, and the effective                                                       the arrangement of LED lamp beads, greatly improves the 

planting area is reduced.                                                                                                      uniformity of illumination and gives plants better light.


The picture below shows the arrangement of the LED grow light quantum board LED of the flat series

The optimized arrangement of LED greatly improves the light uniformity

More information: How to improve the uniformity of plant light-LED quantum board grow lights



2.For professional planting, generally large-sized folding or array plant lights are used. In order to provide a more uniform light in the coverage area at a proper hanging height (usually the hanging height is about 0.3-0.6 meters lower), it is still necessary Optimizing the light uniformity of this type of plant lights to improve the uniformity of light in the coverage area

In general foldable or array type plant lights, there will also be a very high light hot spot directly below the light fixture, which is easy to burn plants     



          Without uniformly optimized folding plant lights,                                                     The uniformity of the foldable plant light is optimized,

          the four-corner PPFD is also very low                                                                    and the PPFD radiation uniformity is greatly improved


Folding plant lights with 3 different lens reflectors for uniformity optimization. Compared with non-lens products, the uniformity is increased by 35%, and the average PPFD is increased by 14% (non-reflective darkroom test, suspension height 16″ (0.41m), 1.5×1.5m coverage area, 81 test points for testing.


The following figure is an illustration of the optimization method of the uniformity of the folding plant light

Using 3 different lens reflectors with different condensing angles, the LED pitch is actually optimized



Several points to improve the uniformity of illumination:

The less the amount of plant grow lamps used, the more light uniformity treatment is needed; if the hanging height is less than 1m, the light uniformity treatment is required

  1. The larger the size of the lamp, the more even the coverage at close range. The smaller the size of the lamp, the LED lamp bead arrangement is optimized, and the uniformity improvement effect is not obvious.
  2. The higher the lamp hangs, the more uniform, but the higher the hang, the greater the light loss
  3. It is the best choice to add a secondary optical lens to the edge of the large-size luminaire, which is the best choice, especially for planting crops on sites with low reflectivity.
  4. The improvement of PPFD uniformity can increase the planting area, and the improvement of the uniformity means that the PPFD at the edge is increased, thereby increasing the planting area.