The first thing to say is that the author is only designing and producing plant lights, not a professional grower, and I just want to compare the photosynthetic light quantum flux density PPFD under the same environment and different spectra. The difference. All the plant lights used can be dimmed. There are two kinds of plant lights that are dual-channel, and the spectrum can be adjusted.

Of course, the spectrum used in the experiment is not the spectrum of ordinary lighting fixtures.

Let’s take a brief look at the scene today. I don’t have much time to organize it, just shoot it, and then I’ll explain it in detail if I have time.

Place the basil seedlings on the hydroponic rack

Basil seedlings under the F22 spectrum

Hydroponic basil seedlings under F93 spectrum

Hydroponic basil seedlings under F95 spectrum

Hydroponic basil seedlings under F190 spectrum

Hydroponic basil seedlings under SUL spectrum


In addition to hydroponic basil, green butterfly butter lettuce and purple butter lettuce are also prepared.
Regarding PPFD, we will uniformly adjust it to 250umol/m2/s. In fact, at this light level, the actual power consumption of lamps with different spectra is different. A follow-up article will list statistics, what spectrum and what power consumption…

Dual-channel UVA is turned on. If PPFD is added, other lamps will be adjusted synchronously to increase the illuminance to the same PPFD.

To be continued