The tomato hydroponic test planting was planted on March 17th, and the lamps used were G320. Today is May 7th and it took 51 days. Some of the tomatoes have turned red and ripe.
This experiment was basically successful. This experiment used hydrostatic nutrient solution, some of which used water pump self-circulating flow oxygenation, and some used air pump oxygenation method. From the results, the effect of air pump oxygenation was better, and it was also very effective. economic.
Let’s take a look at the fruit first:

                                                                Green Tiger Tomato
                                                        Sweet Million Tomato

Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato

Let me talk about the simple tools and equipment used in this hydroponic culture:
1. Nutrient solution container: 20–25 liter black bucket with lid (I am a ready-made white bucket here, sprayed with black)

The bucket is easy to buy, with a hole in the middle, we cut it with a blade

2. Water pump or air pump, air pump is recommended

The water pump circulates the water in the barrel to supplement oxygen

Air pump, The aquarium air pump is very suitable, not much is needed here, one pump can be connected to multiple branch air stones

3. Planting basket, planting cotton, I use a planting basket with a diameter of 70mm here

The use of rock wool blocks and drip irrigation are also a good choice (We are experimenting with rock wool drip irrigation to grow tomatoes)

4. Nutrient solution, use tomato-specific nutrient solution, Yamazaki formula, garden-style formula, it should be possible, whether the tomato grows well, the nutrient solution is very important

The Yamazaki formula fertilizer purchased online, the mother liquor prepared by myself, I don’t know if this formula is serious

5. I grow indoors here, so I need to use plant lights. The lights are 320W
Gains and recommendations:

1. Simple family planting, you can use static buckets to grow tomatoes in water, and use air pumps to increase oxygen, which is simple, reliable and easy to take care of.

2. Know a few tomato varieties that are easy to grow, Sweet Million Tomato, Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato, etc.

Lessons learned:First, it is very important to choose the right tomato varieties with antiviral and high yield.
The results of this planting are not many, except for the more mixed tomato varieties, here are Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato, San Marzano Tomato, Sweet Million Tomato, Super sweet 100 Tomato, Indigo Pear Drops Tomato, Beefsteak tomato, Green Tiger Tomato, etc .

Second, the nutrient solution should be selected well. Although this time the hydroponic tomato has little fruit, it has a lot to do with the nutrient solution. It only grows roots and leaves, but does not bear fruit; and the concentration of the nutrient solution increases later in the flowering and fruiting period.

Third, prevent germs. This time hydroponic tomatoes, there is no umbilical rot or something, but bacteria and viruses still need to be prevented. In another planting, it is also hydroponic tomatoes. There is a tomato tree variety, and the leaves are withered . I don’t know. Do the seeds carry the virus? Soaking and disinfecting the seeds is very important.

№9 planting area needs to be transferred to other plantings. Generally speaking, there is no problem with the light. This light does not use APP intelligent control. If intelligent control is used, plus a good nutrient solution, The harvest date can be advanced at least 15 days
Finally, put a picture of rock wool drip irrigation planting