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Medicinal Plant UFO Led Grow Light

RX-G150T series ultra high PAR output medicinal plant UFO waterproof plant lamp.



RX-G150T series ultra high PAR output medicinal plant UFO waterproof plant lamp, Samsung and German brand plant-specific LED, full spectrum, can be customized to include UV and FR, is ideal for medical planting lamps, PAR output, PPFD>1200µmol/m²/s at 0.3m, the special medicinal plant planting light source, after extensive practical planting, can significantly improve the quality and harvest. Suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting, greenhouse planting.


1. Basement, plant tents for growing medicinal plants
2. High PAR output, PPFD> 1200μmol @ 0.3m
3. Preferred medical medicinal plant growth spectrum, you can customize the spectrum you need
4. Glass lens, High efficient copper heat pipe directly with the zero-distance heat bonded, higher reliability
5. Use Meanwell power supply, free additional dimmer
6. life 50,000 hours


Model Dimension Light recipe Peak Wavelength Photon PPFD
Luminous flux
Radiation Power
Power Input Comment
RX-G150T-F Ø21cm
S18 1600µmol @0.3m 103595Lx* Flux 23673Lm
157W AC110V Illumination angle: 100°
Samsung LM301 German brand gardening LED
592µmol @0.5m 38021Lx
146µmol @1m 9251Lx
S18 1598µmol @0.3m 102991Lx* Flux 23572Lm
150W AC230V Illumination angle: 100°
LM301 And German brand
Square power supply
588µmol @0.5m 37806Lx
144µmol @1m 9332Lx
Surface temperature rise Tc 35 °K, Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ 40 °C, Service life: 50,000 hrs (Note: Ta < 25 °C)
Photoelectric error range: ±10 %
Recommended illumination distance of 0.2~2 m, suitable for indoor and basement indoor light-free environment




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