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RX-LM301-312-K2 High PAR output LED grow light module kit for medicinal plant in tent,large size module 24.8″ x 7.9″ (630x200mm),designed for balanced growth,using Samsung LM301 high efficiency LED chips,additional 660nm spectrum, more effective medicinal plant-specific spectrum.This prodeut is the ideal LED grow moudle for medical plants. RX-LM301-312 can significantly improve the quality and harvest. Suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting and greenhouse planting.

1.High-efficiency plant light module,with PPF efficiency up to 2.8μmol/J
2.Samsungs LM301 chips, efficient and reliable
3.Additional 660nm deep red spectrum chips,lightefficiency up to 3.2μmol/J,suitable for plant growth
4.Size: length 24.8″ 630mm, width 7.9″ 200mm, height 2.7″ 68mm
5.Customize the size, power, spectrum, PAR output, PPFD output you need.
6.Input voltage: AC100~277V, Maximum power: 240W
7.Service life: 50,000 hours



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