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Lens+Reflector QB Board Led Grow Light G240C

High efficiency plant light Horticulture module, PPF efficiency up to 3.1μmol / J  at 20W power

• Max Power: 70W

Preferred spectrum based on plant growth experimentation in the lab

• Length 2ft 561mm, Width 1.6 inches 41mm



RX-LM301H Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red more suitable for plant growth, Applications: Horticultural lighting vertical farm indoor farm, Supplementary lighting greenhouse, Increased Deep red LED full spectrum, designed for balanced growth equipment, stimulates enhanced plant growth compared to Red-blue ratio narrow spectrums.

1.High efficiency plant light Horticulture
module, PPF efficiency up to 3.1μmol / J
at 20W power
2.Max Power: 70W
3.Preferred spectrum based on plant growth
experimentation in the lab
4.Horticulture LED Light Engine LED linear
Full Spectrum Additional hyper red 660nm
more suitable for plant growth,
5.Length 2ft 561mm, Width 1.6 inches 41mm
6.LED Module Input voltage: 30~45V,
input current 0.24~1.6A
7.Service life 50,000 hours




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