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LED Interlighting Grow Light

RX-TP6350 LED Interlighting Module: Created for boosting high-wire yields of plants e.g



RX-TP6350 LED Interlighting Module: Created for boosting high-wire yields of plants e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers and roses during the darker periods of the year, letting you achieve the maximum value and return from your production and your electricity costs for lighting. RX-GW6350 Provides sideways-facing LEDs between your plants, focusing growth-stimulating light on the most vital parts of crops, helping the original shaded leaves be re-used for photosynthesis, which stimulates the growth potential of the plants. Now it won’t be difficult to grow and harvest fresh and flavorful vegetables and fruits year round, no matter where you are or what energy prices you face.


1.Urban Vertical Agriculture – Horticulture LED Production Module lights
2.Illumination angle 120°, wide illumination area
3.Free back mounting bolts, Easy to extend fixed installation
4.Ultra-white tempered glass cover, good light transmission and high reliability
5.Waterproof IP65
6.Input::AC100~277V,PF >0.9
7.Recommended irradiation distance 0.2~1 m, Hanging installation of greenhouses and basement plant growth lights
8.Lifetime: 25,000 hours
9.Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC



Model Number RX-TP6350
Dimension 1206×63×50mm
Net Weight 3.5kg
Spectrum 6K2R4B1
PPFD (Single-sided) 262µmol/m²/s @ 0.1m 131µmol/m²/s @ 0.2m 46µmol/m²/s @ 0.5m
Illuminance (Single-sided) 8791Lx @ 0.1m 4406Lx @ 0.2m 1555Lx @ 0.5m
Luminous Flux 4900Lm
PPF 150µmol/s
Input Voltage AC100~277V
Power 60W
Comment Maximum Connection 18pcs
Maximum Connection 18pcs
Surface Temperature Rise: Tc15K
Operating Temperature: -30°C~40°C, Lifetime: 25,000 hrs (Tcp<55°C)
Tolerance Range for Optical and Electrical Data: ±10%
Beam Angle: 120°, Recommended Irradiation Distance: 0.1~0.5m

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