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Plant Factory Led Grow Light Tube

RX-PT5 plant factory special economic plant light tube, used for shelf structure plant factory.


RX-PT5 plant factory special economic plant light tube, used for shelf structure plant factory, 50% energy saving than ordinary T5 lamp, you can create your plant factory with fewer lights, New design patent product waterproof IP64, suitable for the cultivation of seedlings and vegetable vegetative growth, is ideal for plant factories and home planting.


1. Urban Vertical Agriculture – High cost performance plant factory grow tube, Patented one-piece condenser lens, Patent No.: ZL201820677848

2. PPFD is increased by 50%(90D) compared to T5 and T8 lamps, Build your plant farm with fewer lights!

3. 90D is recommended for Tissue culture seedlings, and 60D is used for vegetative growth of leafy vegetables

4. No flicker, long-life LED power supply, PF> 0.9,Meet the safety requirements around the world

5. Waterproof IP64, Water splashing against the enclosure from shall have no harmful effect

6. Input: AC100 ~240V, Rated power 18W



Model RX-PT5-900-90D-6K7R1 RX-PT5-900-90D-F3 RX-PT5-900-90D-G1
Dimension 900×22×25mm
Net Weight 180g
CRI & CCT Ra89 5700K Ra90 3000K Ra12 9000K
PPFD(µmol/m²/s) 151/0.2m 131/0.2m 83/0.2m
94/0.3m 81/0.3m 56/0.3m
47/0.5m 39/0.5m 27/0.5m
10006/0.2m 8512/0.2m 2350/0.2m
6224/0.3m 5194/0.3m 1495/0.3m
3115/0.5m 2513/0.5m 704/0.5m
Efficiency Lumen: 2695Lm

PPF: 40.8umol/s

PAR: 8943mW

Lumen: 2242Lm
PPF: 35umol/s
PAR: 7292mW
Lumen: 729Lm
PPF: 25umol/s
PAR: 5206mW
Wattage (at 230V) 17W 18W 19W
Comment For seedlings, tissue cultures, nurseries, rhizome plants and aquarium lighting For most kinds of plants For leafy vegetables production
Surface Temperature Rise: Tc23K; Operating Temperature: -30°C~40°C; Lifetime: 25,000 hrs (Ta≤25°C).
Tolerance Range for Optical and Electrical Data: ±10%.
Beam Angle: 70°. Recommended Irradiation Distance: 0.2~0.5m( tissue cultures and nurseries); 0.1~0.3m (plants production).




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