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led grow light array RX-GW78-120Z-2H

【REAL FULL SPECTRUM】 Tailored for indoor plant growth (propagation, germination, vegetation, and bloom), produce high yields for your plants

【HIGH PAR OUTPUT WITH IDEAL COVERAGE】Higher yield and better quality within the budget.

【WORKING SILENTLY & RELIABLY】—Fanless design for a silent growth life. Using high-quality Samsung LED chips and reliable MeanWhile drivers.

【Plug and Play】 No assembly required, Right out of the box your LED grow light is ready to use.

【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Trusted 3 years warranty.



RX-GW78-120Z-2H Dual-channel plant grow array lights, Designed for medicinal plant growth, CHA vegetative growth, CHA and CHB for Flowering and maturity, The channel A PPFD is up to 700µmol/m²/s, suitable for vegetative growth of medicinal plants, the light efficiency is up to 2.4μmol/J, and the channel B is specially set with far red lamp beads for inducing flowering. The two channels are simultaneously opened, and the PPFD can be provided up to 1200µmol/m²/s rapid growth of medical plants.

1. Plant grow LED Lights for vegetative growth and flowering of medicinal plants
2. Unique lens structure – high efficiency concentrating, uniform spectral radiation,directional illumination, higher light utilization,PPFD increased by 30%, 600W equivalent to 700W
3. Channel A, extra red 660nm, spectrum suitable for vegetative growth
4. Channel B, additional dark red 660nm, far red 730nm, dedicated to flowering maturity
5. Waterproof design, waterproof rating IP65
6. Input voltage: 100-305V, Power: 600W
7. New design, patented products



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