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Horticulture Engines Linear

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RX-LM301H Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red more suitable for plant growth


RX-LM301H Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red more suitable for plant growth, Applications: Horticultural lighting vertical farm indoor farm, Supplementary lighting greenhouse, Increased Deep red LED full spectrum, designed for balanced growth equipment, stimulates enhanced plant growth compared to Red-blue ratio narrow spectrums.

1.High efficiency plant light Horticulture
module, PPF efficiency up to 3.1μmol / J
at 20W power
2.Max Power: 70W
3.Preferred spectrum based on plant growth
experimentation in the lab
4.Horticulture LED Light Engine LED linear
Full Spectrum Additional hyper red 660nm
more suitable for plant growth,
5.Length 2ft 561mm, Width 1.6 inches 41mm
6.LED Module Input voltage: 30~45V,
input current 0.24~1.6A
7.Service life 50,000 hours

Dimension LxWxH

Spectral Wavelength

Photon PPFD µmol/m²/s

Luminous fluxRadiation Power

Power Test Input Comment


22″x3.8″x 2.4″


3400K Ra91  4K43K2 R1

 203µmol @0.2m 13278Lx  3388Lm 53umol/s 0.5A @36.9V  18.4W 2.9µmol/J Tcp 43 °C
379µmol @0.2m 24779Lx 6453Lm 102umol/s 1A @38.6V 38.4W 2.7µmol/J Tcp60 °C
585µmol @0.2m 38131Lx 9769Lm 155umol/s 1.6A @40.3V 64W Need install heat sink


22″x3.8″x 2.4″


4000K Ra97  R9=98

185µmol @0.2m 11617Lx 3039Lm 49umol/s 0.5A @37.4V 18.6W 2.6µmol/J Tcp 43 °C
359µmol @0.2m 22545Lx 5858Lm 96umol/s 1A @38.9V 38.9W 2.5µmol/J Tcp60 °C
558µmol @0.2m 34960Lx 8956Lm 147umol/s 1.6A @40.4V 64W Need install heat sink


22″x3.8″x 2.4″


5000K Ra95  5KS6R1

176µmol @0.2m 10569Lx 2804Lm 47umol/s 0.5A @35.8V 17.8W 2.6µmol/J Tcp 43 °C
328µmol @0.2m 19608Lx 5209Lm 88umol/s 1A @37.6V   38.4W 2.7µmol/J Tcp60 °C
487µmol @0.2m 28958Lx 7512Lm 128umol/s 1.6A @38.9V 62W Need install heat sink


22″x3.8″x 2.4″


5200K Ra92  6K3R1

219µmol @0.2m 13159Lx 3642Lm 63umol/s 0.5A @40.5V 20W 3.1µmol/J Tcp 43 °C
425µmol @0.2m 25579Lx  7024Lm 122umol/s  1A @42.6V 43W 2.8µmol/J Tcp60 °C
 660µmol @0.2m 39441Lx  10542Lm 148umol/s  1.6A @44.6V 71W Need install heat sink

Module maximum working temperature: Tcp <75 °C, above test room temperature 20 ° C, service life: 50,000 hours (Note: Tcp <55 ° C)

Tolerance range for optical and electrical data: ±10 %. ;The illumination angle is 120°, and the recommended illumination distance is 0.2~0.5m;

it meets the Zhaga size requirement.

The above data is for reference only!

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