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Horticultural LED Folding Led Grow Light RX-G120L

Low price, economical plant light

• Build your plant factory with less money!

Samsung LED(or Seoul LED) , Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED

High-PPFD >1000µmol/m²/s @0.2m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.6umol/J


Description: RX-G120-L horticultural LED medicinal plant industry shelf planting , Vertical agriculture commercial horticulture cultivation , Designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices. Not intended for beginner growers or grows without CO₂ supplementation. Preferred medicinal plant light recipe, Light recipes can be customized.

  1. 630W LED grow light, Covered area in tent, Veg is 6’x6’, of flowering is 5’x5’
  2. Dark room without any reflective sides, Covered area: Veg is 5’x5’, of flowering is 4’x4’
  3. Super multiple LEDs, Up to 5904pcs,It is 3 times that of ordinary lamps. LED total power 3000W, which is more reliable for derating use!
  4. Full spectrum: Samsung white LED, Hyper Red horticulture 660nm LED
  5. PAR 1630umol/s , PPF efficiency is up to 2.6umol/J
  6. Multi-Lights Connection Dimming, compatible with Horti Guru APP control system
  7. Power: 640W/AC120V, 630W/230V, 630W/277V
  8. Life span 50000 hours, Warranty 3 years
  9. CE RoHS FCC


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