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Folding Led Grow Light

RX-G120 Toplighting medicinal plant LED, Vertical agriculture commercial horticulture cultivation.


RX-G120 Toplighting medicinal plant LED, Vertical agriculture commercial horticulture cultivation , Designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices. Not intended for beginner growers or grows without CO2 supplementation. Preferred medicinal plant light recipe, Light recipes can be customized.


1. Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
2. High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.15m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.8umol/J
3. Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, after extensive practical planting tests!
4. Samsung LM301H, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED
5. Using meanwell power supply, long life is more reliable
6. The recommended Mounting Height: 6” ~ 12” (15~30cm) Above plant canopy
7. Life span 50000 hours


Model Dimension Spectral Wavelength Photon PPFD µmol/m²/s Luminous Flux Radiation Power Power Test Input Comment
RX-G120 1193x1086x33mm


F32 1362µmol @0.15m 1750umol/s 630W
Medicinal plant light recipe
Vegetative growth and flowering
1171µmol @0.3m
875µmol @0.5m
RX-G120 F31 1250µmol @0.15m 1700umol/s 630W
needs customization
Extra far red light for flowering and harvesting
1100µmol @0.3m
850µmol @0.5m
Surface temperature rise Tc 28°K, Operating temperature:-30℃~40℃,Lifespan:50,000 hours (Note: Ta 25℃)
Tolerance range for optical and electrical data:±10%. Beam angle 100°,Recommended irradiation distance:0.15~0.3m



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