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480w Quantum Board Led Grow Light

RX-LM301-312-K4 high PAR output grow tent medicinal grow light module kit



RX-LM301-312-K4 high PAR output grow tent medicinal grow light module kit,large size module 24″x24″(600x600mm),for Balanced growth. Samsung LM301 high efficiency led chip, and add the deep red 660 nm. More effective spectra for medicinal plants, full spectrum is Ideal Medicinal plants LED grow light which can obviously improve the quality and harvest. suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting and greenhouse planting

1.high efficiency grow light module kit,efficiency up to 2.8 µmol/J
2.Samsung LM301b led chip,high efficiency and reliability
3.Additional 660 nm deep red led chip,efficiency up to 3.4µmol/J,Suitable for plant growth
4.Dimensions:24″(600mm) x 24″(600mm) x 2.7″(68mm)
5.Can be customized the size, power, spectrum,PAR output, PPFD output as you need.
7.Lifespan 50,000 hours


 Model  Dimension  Spectral Wavelength  Photon PPFD
 Luminous flux
Radiation Power
 Power Input  Comment
RX-LM301-312-K4 600x600x68mm
24″x24″x 2.7″



1285.7µmol @0.4m 86947.1Lx Flux: 86821Lm PPF:1294.3umol/s 480W 36″x36″grow tent
Meanwell HLG-480H-36B driver
1037µmol @0.5m 70294.2Lx
541.79µmol @1m 36765.2Lx
Surface temperature rise Tc 28°K,Operating temperature:-30℃~40℃,Lifespan:50,000 hours(Note:Ta 25℃) Tolerance range for optical and electrical data:±10%.Beam angle 120°,Recommended irradiation distance:0.3~0.5m
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