4 Individual Channels Led Grow Light Bar RX-TP5025

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4 Individual Channels Led Grow Light Bar RX-TP5025

【REAL FULL SPECTRUM】 Tailored for indoor plant growth (propagation, germination, vegetation, and bloom), produce high yields for your plants

【HIGH PAR OUTPUT WITH IDEAL COVERAGE】Higher yield and better quality within the budget.

【WORKING SILENTLY & RELIABLY】—Fanless design for a silent growth life. Using high-quality Samsung LED chips and reliable MeanWhile drivers.

【Plug and Play】 No assembly required, Right out of the box your LED grow light is ready to use.

【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Trusted 3 years warranty.



RX-TP5025 High PPFD Urban agricultural plant factory Indoor Vertical shelf plant Growth Lights, New patent design product with unique lens, Different LED chips in one lens, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,higher light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparing with common grow lights. Silicone potting waterproof, more reliable. Suitable for various kinds of plant cultivation and especially for high-density shelf structure Plant Factories , Cupboard Showcase, planting boxes, plant cultivation.

1. Different LED chips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation, PPFD efficiency increased by 74%*
2. High PPFD 610µmol/m²/s, distance from plant canopy 0.2m
3. Built-in power supply, small size 50x42mm
4. Urban Vertical Agriculture – Horticulture LED Production Module lights
5. Preferred plant-specific spectra, multiple light-recipe to meet different plant requirements
6. Waterproof IP64
7. Input: AC100~277V PF >0.9 Power: 80W
8. Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC





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