If the electricity price is USD0.22, you can save USD15.4/year

Save electricity bill USD64.46/year

Each light tube saves 70 kWh of electricity per year

Save 293 kWh of electricity per square meter



133W/m² : 200W/m², Energy saving 33%

For the same illumination, the average PPFD is: 300µmol/m²/s

T8T only has 196W and covers an area of 1.44m²

Other brands require 288W to cover 1.44m²

The coverage area of each light tube is increased by 33%



Please pay special attention to the fact that the lighting efficiency of the T8 lamp you use may be lower than that of other brands.

If so, it’s a huge waste of money!

Using Koray secondary optical technology, a large-angle lens is used in the center area and a small-angle lens is used at the edge.

More light reaches the plant canopy, the light utilization rate is high, and the illumination PPFD is increased.

There is no central hot spot, allowing close-range irradiation.




T8 lamps with and without lens




Waterproof grade IP66, suitable for harsh environments!




Height 0.2m, 1 grow light tube, PPFD over 300µmol/m²/s

Compared with other brands of 36W T8 tube, PPFD is increased by 40%.

Strawberries can also be grown with one light tube



A variety of spectrums are available, and you can customize light recipes specific to different plants.




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