Today is May 29th, 2021. This is the third harvest this year.

In this harvest, a super pepper, Bhut Jolokia Pepper, was added. I dare not try spicy…

Last time I harvested Zhangshugang chili, the fried meat felt very spicy

Since it is a harvest, just take the picture above, the hand on the photo, as a scale

The summer sun is not as sweet as in the legend, but it is indeed sweeter than other varieties

Beefsteak tomato, the variety should be right, not as big as expected

Bhut Jolokia , 1 million Scoville spiciness

Chaotian Pepper

Yellow Bhut Jolokia , 1 million Scoville spiciness

Yellow Pear Tomato, the appearance is still very pleasing, the taste is okay

Green tiger tomato, high value, I like the taste

San Marzano Tomato, I haven’t eaten them before, wait for me to try them

I just picked it off from the planting area and tasted one, the taste is average, a bit sour

Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato, the hydroponics is bigger, the soil culture is much better

The photo below is a tomato planted in a plant tent with a 100W plant lamp.

Basically one kilowatt-hour of electricity a day, I planted in this tent, exactly 2 months to tomorrow, 60 kilowatt-hours of electricity, as a hobby, if you want to use plant lights to grow economic value, you also need to plant special varieties, for example, 220,000 kg Chalapita peppers (of course, we can’t sell them at this price).

Finally, let me tell you another lesson. After several months of planting, I found that the pepper seeds that were bought for a lot of money were not in the right product. The so-called Carolina Death pepper seeds were planted but they were line peppers. To good seeds, otherwise time and money will be wasted.