High-quality drive power should include: safe and reliable, high efficiency, long life, dimmable, preferably a world-renowned brand


LED driving power is directly related to the service life, efficiency and stability of the LED lighting system; choosing a suitable LED driving power is the key to ensuring the high efficiency, long life, comfort and flicker-free of LED lamps.

Among the five elements of plant lights, the driving power supply plays an important role in the four elements.


How to choose an LED driving power supply, simply put: high efficiency, long life, no flicker, and compliance with safety regulations, it is a high-quality LED driving power supply.


Drive power for LED plant lights,


As an ordinary consumer, it is still difficult to distinguish the above points. The safest way is to choose a branded power supply, such as MEAN WELL power supply.

MEAN WELL LED power supplies are also divided into many models. Different series have the same obvious difference in quality.


Here, we recommend the MEAN WELL HLG series, which has extremely low damage rate in practical applications for many years. It is a truly time-tested LED power supply.


ELG series, when the low voltage 120V, the efficiency will be reduced, if the power adjusted in the high voltage area is used in the low voltage area, it is very easy to cause damage.


The XLG series has a relatively high damage rate and relatively troublesome after-sales service.


Knowledge points:

  1. Effective(Good efficacy for the plants)
  2. Energy Conservation(High PPE and high PPFD in same power)
  3. Safe and Reliable(Meet the safety requirments around the world)
  4. Long life(Use long life span elements)
  5. Human perceived comfort(Provide a human friendly working environment, No Harmful, Flicker free, protect your eyes)