The uniformity of light is very important to the growth of plants. If the light is uneven, some plants will absorb more light than other plants, which will cause uneven growth, causing some plants to shade other plants. Uneven light will also cause water insufficiency Even areas with high light will dry faster than other areas.

If the hot spot of light is too high, it will burn the plants, and if the light is too low, the crops will grow slowly.

In short: uniform light, uniform growth of plants, high uniformity of light, care for each of your plants

In the family indoor planting, there are generally only a few LED plant lights, or only one LED plant light, you need to buy a plant light with uniform illumination.

Let’s discuss below, personal home planting, commonly used LED quantum boards, and its light uniformity.

In the general LED plant grow light quantum board, there will be a very high light hot spot directly below the light fixture, which is easy to burn the plants.

The previous generation of LED quantum board has a hot spot in the center, which is easy to burn crops; the four corners of PPFD are low and crops grow slowly.

Koray high-uniform illumination LED quantum board, after optimizing the arrangement of LEDs, greatly improves the uniformity of light, and there is no light hot spot directly under the lamp, which can better grow your crops.

High light uniformity series, uniform light, no hot spots in the center, even crop growth

The picture below shows the arrangement of LEDs in the LED plant light quantum board with high illumination uniformity series.

Optimized permutation and combination, the light uniformity is greatly improved, and the patent has been applied for.

To be continued

follow-up we will discuss the optimization of the light uniformity of the array LED plant light: how to improve the illumination uniformity of the plant light-the folding array LED plant grow light