How Much PPFD Do Your Indoor Plants Need? DLI PPFD Photoperiod

How Much Light Do Plants Need?


How much light do your plants need?

Full sun light-demanding plants: 300-2000µmol/m²/s

Such as: full-sun plants, fruit trees, shrubs, desert cactus, etc., high-light plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, etc.

Medium light and semi-shade plants: 80-350µmol/m²/s

Such as: medium-light leafy vegetables, lettuce, basil, chrysanthemums, blackberries, as well as succulents, anthurium, aloe vera, etc.

Low-light shade plants or shade-tolerant plants: 20-80µmol/m²/s

Such as: low-light orchids, begonias, dracaena, ferns, etc.

Below are the light requirements of more than 100 plants, Check how much light your plants need, including PPFD, photoperiod hours, Daily light integral, etc


Full sun light-demanding plants 300-1500µmol/m²/s



Full sun light-demanding plants 300-2000µmol/m²/s



Half shade plants 80-350µmol/m²/s



Shade plants 20-80µmol/m²/s

DLI=PPFD x light hours per day x (3600/1000,000)