Tomato seedlings with cotyledons stuck in seeds,I believe it will still grow and bear fruit!

Let me talk about the conclusion first: at 5ft*5ft (1.5×1.5m), plant tents, plant tomatoes or medicinal plants, two stages of vegetative growth and flowering and fruiting, the initial hanging height is 20″-24″ (0.51-0.61m), G80 Double-channel plant light, directly run program 2 to complete the entire growth cycle. During this period, the changes in the spectrum and the illuminance of the PPFD will run automatically in the control system. The following is the program interpretation and programming guidelines.


Program 2:  2 channel Medical plant growth program description, Cannabis and tomato cultivation

Control G80 dual channel LED grow Light ,G600-2H dual channel plant light, also can control G120 series folding plant light


Horti Guru plant light control system, all the red character data above can be edited by yourself to form your own planting program

3 main points



Actual application:

Program 2 “2 channel Medical plant growth” control and drive G80 dual channel plant light



Look closely to notice that the spectrum of vegetative growth stage is different from that of reproductive growth.

In addition, the height of the suspension is also different

If during the 49-day vegetative growth cycle, the reproductive growth phase has already begun (already in the flowering growth phase), you can click the growth days and directly jump to adjust to the 50th day to start reproductive growth!

If it grows to the 49th day and is not ready to bloom, you can click and adjust to any day before 49 days, which means to extend the vegetative growth cycle



Simply change the program, we can copy the data of the adapted program ourselves.


Adapted program:

Copy program 2, (Adjust the vegetative growth stage: adjust the growth days to 21 days, adjust the brightness of CH1 to 100%, and adjust the brightness of CH2 to 40%) Pay attention to the hanging height!



The picture above is the illumination and timeline of the entire growth cycle, as well as the spectrum!


Using program 2, you can also directly control and drive single-channel plant lights, which is suitable for almost all single-channel fixed-spectrum plant lights

Similarly, 60% illuminance in the vegetative growth stage and 100% illuminance in the flowering stage, please pay attention to the hanging height



Program 2 “2 channel Medical plant growth” control and drive G120 folding plant light, (only use channel CH1)



It can be seen from the figure that the spectrum is unchanged, but the percentage of illuminance changes.

During the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage, there is a light buffer zone, gradually gradual light, which is friendly to plants


3 main points (important things, say it again)

Tomatoes or Cannabis, about 7 pieces (or 7 sets) of true leaves begin vegetative growth stage, about 6″-8″ (15-20cm) in height