High luminous efficiency: 2.8umol/J
2 Channel Horticulture LED for Cannabis cultivation

                                        > RX-G80

Low price, economical plant light
Build your plant factory with less money!

                                      > RX-G120L

High quality LED QB Board
High luminous efficiency: 2.8umol/J
G4000C for no additional CO2 
G6000C Professional cultivation with CO2
                                  > RX-G4000C

Economical LED QB Board
G4000 for no additional CO2
G6000 Professional cultivation, need to add CO2

                                    > RX-G6000

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600W Toplighting LED Grow Light
Power box can be installed separately

                                   > RX-G600-V3

200W LED toplighting Gardening LED Light
40x40mm C-profile for easy installation
                                    > RX-TP12050

Unique Lens Structure
lens + reflector, higher light utilization
                                           > RX-G45

Each fixture covers 2x4ft
Suitable for shelf planting plants
                                        > RX-ARZ

Koray Acadamy-Useful Knowledge About LED Grow Light