This is a high-voltage DC centralized power supply plant grow light-Dimmable T8 grow light

Unique lens structure, uniform spectral radiation, directional illumination, higher light utilization, Excellent PPFD map, 0.3m height, covering 0.3×1.2m, 50% higher than the average PPFD of the first generation

Each power supply can control 20pcs PT8T hydroponic vegetable lamps and 10pcs GE35 strawberry grow lamps.


High-efficiency centralized power supply plant grow light solution,


low temperature rise, reducing plant factory cooling costs.


Easy to control, adjustable light intensity,
or adjustable light spectrum. (More than 2 different spectrum grow lights are required).




Compatible with Horti Guru smart grow light control system.
You can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually increase the lighting according to the growth cycle, etc.



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