In the days when the global epidemic is spreading, we only need a corner, at home in the office, we can also create our own ecological world and embrace nature


Today is Christmas, and the global epidemic is still abusive. In winter, it is not suitable for the growth of crops. Indoors, the home environment is still an office factory, with air conditioning and heating, and many crops can be grown. Of course, this requires lights and plant lights.


So join me in planting vegetables. In the next month or so, I will record every planting stage in real time:

Soaking seeds, accelerating germination, raising seedlings, transplanting, vegetative growth, and harvesting, the entire growth cycle takes about 40 days. Let’s grow lettuce at home with me. Planting here is not only teaching, but also edible (this is not a planting table). For greening and education, the actual planting will exceed 144 lettuce), we can use it to cook noodles and make salads.


The first is the soaking of seeds. The seeds are purchased online. Bibll lettuce suitable for hydroponic culture, emerald green lettuce and soft tail lettuce. The key to germination should be the seed itself, the germination rate of the seed is high.


  1. Soak the seeds in clear water at 30°C (86°F) for 3 hours, December 23, 2020, around 1:40 pm,

Soak the seeds in 30°C (86°F) water for 3 hours


2 .After cleaning, pour the gauze into the 28°C (82°F) incubator for germination (remember that when I was young, there was no incubator and heating, and when it was cold, we would put it in the farm compost, the fermentation temperature was higher)


Two days later today, lettuce seeds have sprouted!


  1. Nursery seedlings, today (two days after soaking the seeds), put the teething seeds into the nursery sponge, pay attention to the root down, bury the whole seed in the sponge, keep the sponge moist, put the seeded sponge into the seedling tray, spray The water wets the entire seedling tray, and the sponge cannot be soaked in the water.

Put the sprouted seeds into the sponge, the temperature is now 18°C (64°F)


At the end of this article, there are pictures and texts about the six stages of lettuce planting. They are pictures of the previous planting. Use them as a catalog. Plant lettuce and tomatoes with me. I will publish the relevant progress according to the current actual planting schedule. If the planting fails, I will also report the truth to you; here I will tell you that the dwarf tomatoes and cherry tomatoes have been placed in the sponge for 2 days. This was soaked on December 17, and it has been 8 days. Please see the picture below. The growth is relatively slow.



Below are the previous planting instructions

If you have friends who want to grow vegetables and fruits indoors, you can explore here. Indoor cultivation is not disturbed by the weather and other large environments, and even does not require sunlight. ​​​​

Let us look forward to the harvest in a month!