50ft * 33ft (15x10m) greenhouse planting scheme of tomatoes or medicinal plants – Using “Horti guru” plant lamp automatic lighting control system

Automatic light control for tomato and high-light plantCannabiscultivation

G660-4H use skills and “Horti Guru” system control program and programming guide


Practical application 1, greenhouse planting, Horti guru default program 1 control drive G660-4h 4 channel spectrum adjustable top light gardening plant lights

50ft * 33ft (15x10m) greenhouse planting tomato or medicinal plant marijuana planting (Luminaire 66pcs)


G660-4h is suitable for large area planting, with wall reflectance of 20%, and each lamp covers an area of 2.3m2 (25ft2)

You can adjust the PPFD illuminance of the plant canopy by adjusting the hanging height

50ft*33ft(15x10m) greenhouse for growing tomatoes or medicinal plants (Luminaire 66pcs)- Using “Horti Guru” built-in program 1


Time line and channel brightness map

The suspension height is related to PPFD. You need to pay attention to the suspension height, the number of lamps and the spacing of lamps.



G660-4H uses “Horti Guru” controller, four-channel self-programming:

Copy program 1, CH3 color change to purple, stage 1 brightness CH1: 60%, CH2, CH3 brightness adjusted to 0%, stage 2 CH1: 100%, CH2: 50%, CH3: 30%

Time line and channel brightness map

Note: The height is related to PPFD. In this example, the initial hanging height is 2.2m (7.2ft). During the planting process, the height of the lamp can be adjusted less (if the plant grows 0.2m (8″) in each growth stage, this No need to adjust height

The above data, manual testing, will have certain errors, which are for reference only and do not constitute operation suggestions!


“Horti Guru” built-in program 1 interpretation and programming guidelines:

The data is more complicated and needs to be read or ignored in detail!

Horti Guru plant light control system, all the red characters above can be edited by yourself to form your own planting program

“Horti Guru” plant light control system-to give plants just the right light

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“Horti Guru” system control program 3 tips