Design requirements:


We know that different growth environment, different crops, different growth stages, different results and requirements require different illumination, including different illuminance. In order to achieve better planting effect, we also need special plant light recipes. Usually, we use different plant lamps to meet different plant growth needs.


Only using “one type LED grow light” to meet the above requirements and achieve the best spectral formula and lighting requirements through user self-regulation is our design requirement for the new plant lamp module.


G550 4H adjustable spectrum LED plant growth lamp – plant lamps for professional growers


Please note that this design is only suitable for professional growers, especially for hemp growers. It is necessary to fine tune the plant light recipe and light intensity to suit specific varieties, specific planting periods and specific requirements for medicinal ingredients!


With “Horti guru” plant lamp control system, the best effect can be achieved. The actual planting effect depends on the results and professional degree you require!


Generally, during seedling and seedling growth, ON channel 1.

ON channel 1 and channel 2 at vegetative growth and flowering stages.

The far red light can promote flowering by lighting channel 3 at flowering stage.

In the late stage of flowering, UVA can increase the biosynthesis of compounds by lighting channel 4.


Using Samsung LM301 lamp beads, and OSRAM gardening LED lamp beads, to ensure high efficiency

Channel 1, neutral white light with many blue photons promotes plant germination, Rhizome Growth and plant growth speed

Channel 2, warm white and extra dark red 660nm, make the flowers bigger and better quality. Channel 1 and channel 2 are suitable for flowering

Channel 3, far red 730nm lamp beads, shading, induced flowering, generally opened to the maximum at flowering stage

Channel 4, UVA 400nm, stimulates plant growth, increases active substances in medicinal plants, dwarfs plants, changes plant morphology and coloration, which is usually opened at the later stage of plant planting



Pay special attention to UV, UV, correct use, increase medicinal ingredients, if used improperly, will reduce production


Our understanding of plant photobiology has come a long way. The best lighting scheme for plants needs joint efforts.


With this product, you can design your own light distribution scheme, adjust and optimize it according to the type of crop, application and the purpose you want to achieve.


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