Practical application 1, “Horti Guru” built-in program 1 controls and drives G550-4H four-channel spectral adjustable LED grow module:

5ft*5ft (1.5×1.5m) plant tent planting cannabis growth

Timeline and 4 channel brightness; Height: Distance between lamps and plant canopy

Note: Use a 5ft*5ft (1.5×1.5m) plant tent, plant 25 plants, and leave 8″ (0.2m) space around the tent to meet PPFD requirements



Practical application 2, default program 1 control and drive g550-4h four channel spectrum adjustable LED Grow module:

4ft*4ft(1.2×1.2m) plant tent planting Marijuana and tomatoes

Timeline and 4 channel brightness map, Height: Distance between lamps and plant canopy

Note: 4ft*4ft (1.2×1.2m) plant tents are used to plant 16 plants. Compared with 5ft*5ft size tents, the uniformity is higher


“Horti Guru” built-in program 1 interpretation and programming guidelines:

The data is more complicated and needs to be read or ignored in detail!

Horti Guru plant light control system, all the red characters above can be edited by yourself to form your own planting program




G550-4H adopts “Horti Guru” controller, self-programming:

Copy program 1, change the color of CH3 to purple, adjust the brightness of stage 1, CH1: 80%, CH2: 0%, CH3: 0%, stage two CH1: 100%, CH2: 50%, CH3: 30%


4ft*4ft (1.2×1.2m) plant tent to grow tomatoes or Cannabis growth

Timeline and 4 channel brightness map

Note: A 4ft*4ft (1.2×1.2m) plant tent is used to 16 plants, and the initial suspension is 40” (1m). During the planting process, the height of the lamp can be adjusted less frequently.



“Horti Guru” system control program 3 tips


G550-4H other application scenarios table