Strain variety grown by customer:Double Do-Si-Dos


Natural Genetics Seeds Double Do-Si-Dos

Double Do-Si-Dos is a mostly sativa variety from NG Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days) and outdoors.


The selling price of clone Double dosidos is 50-60 US dollars


Planting started on April 22nd, 2021. They were started from clones.


Started to build a 5″x5″ grow tent and installed Koray G120E 630W Foldable LED grow light on April 24th 


April 25th, Seedlings moved into the grow tent


May 17th, After 22 days of vegetative stage

The vegetative stage of cannabis is where the plant’s growth truly takes off. At this point, you’ve transplanted your plant into a larger pot and the roots and foliage are developing rapidly. This is also the time to begin topping or training your plants.


Be mindful to increase your watering as the plant develops. When it’s young, your plant will need water close to the stalk, but as it grows the roots will also grow outward, so start watering further away from the stalk in the soil so roots can stretch out and absorb water more efficiently.


Vegetative plants appreciate healthy soil with nutrients. Feed them with a higher level of nitrogen at this stage.


If you need to determine the sex of your plants (to discard the males), they will start showing sex organs a few weeks into the veg stage. It’s imperative to separate males so they don’t pollinate the females



May 22nd to 24th, Before Flowering stage



May 26th to 27th , Start Flowering stage


June 1st, Flowering week 1



June 8th, Flowering week 2


June 17th to 18th, Flowering Day 24


June 21st, Flowering day 27


June 24th, Flowering period 4th week


June 28th to July 4th, Flowering period 5th week


July 7th , Flowering period 6th week


July 14th, Flowering period 7th week

(They used Dakine 420 Cannabis Nutrients)


July 19th to 21st, Flowering period 8th week


Flower initiation (week 1-3): The plant will continue to grow and females will develop pre-flowers—pistils, or white hairs, will grow out, which are the beginnings of buds.

Mid-flowering (week 4-5): The plant itself will stop growing and buds will start fattening up.

Late flowering/ripening (week 6 and on): Trichome density will increase and plants will get very sticky. Keep an eye on the color of the pistils to tell when to harvest.


From Customer’s comment: “While I don’t have hard numbers your light seems to be doing really good. I’m really looking forward to the next crop. I’m going to try a new watering and vent setup. Should look even better.

I’ll cut and hang the plants on the 21st or 22nd July”.


Finally, Harvest on July 23rd

“I think it’s great so far but won’t know for sure until everything is trimmed and dried”.

Aug. 11st, some bud photos for reference.



“The yield was way more than I expected! I have more than I have ever had before. I had so much that I shared good amounts with people before it was trimmed. Everyone that has tried it has had excellent things to say!”