This planting should have ended 10 days ago, and there is always a reason for the delay to this day, which has nothing to do with the planting test and is not explained here

Today is August 18th

This article can finally end, that kind of spectrum is better, we can look at the last; the factors affecting plant growth are many, this experiment, in addition to light, other such as nutrients, temperature, humidity, we try to maintain the same, but inevitably there will be some differences, nutrient liquid circulation system, may also affect the results. Therefore, this plant lighting control test, only for reference.

In the follow-up, we will change the lamp, if the exchange after the experimental planting, or a spectrum is better for plants, there will be further conclusions.

Basil, root cut, this is the second row

F93 spectrum, basil harvest, planter second row

F95 spectrum, basil harvest, planter second row

F22 spectrum, basil harvest, planter second row

F190 spectrum, basil harvest, planter second row

Specific production figures are not published, we can see the weight in the picture, the plant itself is a big difference, only for reference

Basil can pick the top leaves and let the lower part grow, so that it can be harvested repeatedly

Lettuce, root cut, weigh

As can be seen, the yield of lettuce varies greatly

In conclusion, the F95 spectrum performs well, with better yields in basil and lettuce cultivation. F190 spectrum, basil growth performance can also, lettuce growth unexpectedly poor. Follow-up we will look for reasons, is not the test link went wrong.

At last

Our test settings have a lot of shortcomings, for example, lighting PPFD has differences, we control within 5%, nutrient liquid EC value also has differences, control within 5%, because it is summer, the temperature is not suitable for lettuce growth, almost all hydroponic lettuce have a long phenomenon. Except for the F190 spectrum.

Other than that

Crop varieties, temperature, humidity, water fertilizer, air, light, the effects on crops are variable, change a parameter, the results will be different. Therefore, this article is not used as the basis for the spectrum of plant lamps.