People will be permitted to grow up to three hemp plants- How to achieve maximum production.


Recently, Germany released a draft law on the legalization of marijuana, which aims to regulate personal use of marijuana, home cultivation and the establishment of marijuana growers associations similar to the model of marijuana social clubs.


The proposed cannabis growers association accepts up to 500 members. Each member of the association is entitled to 25 grams per day or 50 grams per month for personal use. In addition, the association has the right to provide each member with up to seven seeds per month that can be imported, or five cuttings per month.


The draft bill stipulates that adults can grow up to three cannabis plants.



How to maximize the yield of three cannabis plants, it is recommended to use the SCROG (Screen of Green) method to plant cannabis. Cannabis plants can achieve astonishing yields.


Koray Grow light is recommended

G50 Detachable quick connect plug high uniform plant grow light,

G50 has excellent PPFD maps.

Used in 4×4 ft Grow tents, with an average PPFD far exceeding similar products.



480W better than PHILIP* 640W


And in a room cultivation without reflection, hanging height of 0.6m, average PPFD also better than Gavit* 650W and Fluenc* 630W.