In any corner of the world, you can grow your own delicious vegetables

The hydroponic indoor planting system is completely unaffected by the weather and environment. As long as there is water, electricity and air,
you can grow delicious vegetables even in the Antarctic, Arctic, desert, and ice fields.Originally,
this was a DIY planting rack that we used to test the light and spectrum of plant lights.
Many friends have seen the effect of planting and hope to make their own hydroponic planting racks.
Here is an introduction to indoor hydroponics planting racks. Production process.

The following is a brief introduction, for reference only

Install the chrome-plated steel wire frame, buckle the plastic sheet of the pipe clamp into the support tube, sleeve the net frame into the support tube, and install the universal wheel
Use a hook to hang ARZ-DC plant lights, connect the T-plug wire, and connect the dimmer
Install the timing switch, and set the switch time, the vegetative growth stage is recommended for 12–16 hours

For seedlings, it is recommended to adjust the illumination by 20–30%, about 60–100µmol/m²/s, and the hanging height is 0.4m

During the vegetative growth stage, it is recommended that the light is 80–100%, about 250–350µmol/m²/s, and the hanging height is 0.2–0.3m

Punch the water in and out of the hydroponic tank, install the water pipe fixing joint, drill the hydroponic floating plate,
prepare the nutrient solution tank, connect the water pipe, and install the water pump

Adjust the water pump timer, it is recommended to turn on for 5–10 minutes and turn off for 1–2 hours

Complete the basic installation

Soaking seeds for germination, raising seedlings, preparing nutrient solution, is the nutrient solution controlled, light control, vegetative growth, harvest…

The specific planting process will be discussed in detail later