First of all, it’s a product with a similar price to a single channel


Both channels are illuminated at 630W, and the F67 spectrum is equivalent to the spectrum in fluenc* and you can think of it as equivalent to the related products.


The additional application of dual channel plant lamp can adjust the spectrum and illumination according to different growth stages of plants.


CH1 channel, using about 4000K Samsung LM301B LED, output PPF of about 800umol / s, can be used alone for cannabis seedlings and early vegetative growth stage.


CH2 channel, using Samsung LM301B 3000K LED, OSRAM Hyper Red 660nm, PPF is about 900umol / s, combined with channel 1, used for cannabis flowering and harvest stage


Application scenarios:

Plant tent 5’x5 ‘(1.5×1.5m)

Initial stage of vegetative growth (3-7 days)

Hanging height (distance between lamp and plant canopy) is 30 “(0.76M), CH1 brightness is 100%, PPFD is 200-350umol / m2 / s, which is suitable for plant seedling growth, especially for the first few days of hemp transplanting.

Vegetative growth stage and flowering

Hanging height (distance between lamp and plant canopy) 26 “- 30” (0.66-0.76m), 100% brightness of ch1,  10% of CH2 initial brightness, and 100% of illumination gradually increased in 21 days, 500-1000umol / m2 / s of PPFD,; it is suitable for vegetative growth, flowering and harvest of plants

Blooming flowers and harvesting

Ch1 brightness 100%, CH2 brightness 100%


It is used in the dark room without reflection and in the tent. The covering area and hanging height will change. If you are interested, please leave me a message.


May be a superfluous sentence: gradually increasing the illuminance, and gradually changing the spectrum, plant more stable growth!



F68 spectrum is based on F67, adding 730nm far red spectrum in channel 2 to make it more suitable for flowering.


About UV spectrum, because it may lead to yield reduction, it is the choice of professional growers to do experiments. This design does not include this spectrum, please contact koray for more detailed information.