Compare the efficiency of plant growth lights LED chip – including OSRAM horticulture LED, Samsung lm301h, Seoul, Toyoda Gosei, etc

Almost all LED plant lights advertise their high efficiency. The photosynthetic light quantum flux efficiency is 2.7umol/J, 2.8umol/J or even higher. Whether it is really high efficiency, as a buyer, especially an ordinary individual consumer, it is very It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. This article can tell you how difficult it is for LED plant lights to achieve high efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the following chart first, which represents the world’s top light source, and is basically the highest luminous efficiency LED chip or LED lamp bead produced in large quantities.

Need to declare: This is the test under the same instrument and equipment, the same calibration light source, and the same environment; the test results do not represent the quality of the brand.


This LED plant grow lights has added UVA and FR(IR)730nm, the light efficiency is less than 2.7umol/J

Test parameters include current, voltage, photosynthetic light quantum flux PPF, luminous efficiency PPE, spectral wavelength, etc.


Plant grow light LED chip test data sheet

The PPE efficiency is not shown in this form, please leave a message if necessary.


As can be seen from the above table,

Most of the white light part of the lamp beads:

The photosynthetic light quantum flux efficiency at 65mA driving current is 2.9umol/J, which already represents the top level in the industry.

Driven at 100mA current, photosynthetic light quantum flux efficiency is 2.8umol/J

Driven at 150mA current, photosynthetic light quantum flux efficiency is 2.7umol/J


Osram Hyper Red 660nm LED have a relatively high photon efficiency, up to 4umol/J, but most of them currently sold on the market are 3.5umol/J, which is already very efficient.


Then, how many LED lamp beads are needed for an LED plant lamp with an efficiency of 2.7umol/J, simply estimate a 630W plant lamp, if the efficiency is required to reach 2.7umol/J, use the LM301H lamp beads that the industry responds well, and the brightness according to the above table BIN is SK BIN, efficiency 2.89umol/J, can only use current below 65mA, power of each LED lamp bead is 0.18W (0.52umol), PPF value of 630W lamp is 1700umol/S, if only LM301H is used, the required quantity More than 3000pcs, the 660nm red light efficiency is high. If the red light scheme is mixed into the LED lamp beads, the number can be reduced. The specific number will be explained in detail next time.