G50 Plant Grow Light Growing Cannabis Feedback.

Adopt Koray secondary optics technology, no center hotspot, 20% higher average PPFD, 660W is better than famous brand Gavita 800W.(18% energy saving)

Low green light adjustable spectrum, higher photosynthetic efficiency, fast growing crops.

The same planting scene can better reflect the value of grow lights, comparative growing experiments are welcome.



Marijuana Growing with G50 Plant Grow Light, grows faster and has better quality flower.

Look closely, in the same growing environment, G50 grows bigger, stronger and firmer marijuana with better quality than other lights!



Cannabis seeds, Seed soaking – Germination Induction



Seedling cultivation – Cannabis cultivation



Seedling stage – Cannabis cultivation



Vegetative stage – G50 Grow Light Cannabis cultivation



Flowering Period – G50 Grow Lights Cannabis cultivation



Looking forward to harvest!