PAR38 plant growth lamp bulb, the best waterproof grow light


Comparative testing of PAR30 PAR38 plant grow light bulb


Hello everyone, in the past few days, we have conducted comparative tests on PAR38 plant grow light bulb.

First of all, the conclusion is that Koray PAR38 plant growth lamp has better quality compared to other test samples.

The luminous efficiency, heat dissipation effect, waterproof treatment, safety, and safety requirements are all superior to the comparison samples.



Optical and electrical data temperature rise waterproof comparison test table:

Sample 1, nominal power 24W, measured at 21.09W, efficiency 1.43umol/J, not waterproof.

Sample 2, with a nominal power of 30W and a measured power of 31.3W, has an efficiency of 1.12umol/J, waterproof IP54 (in fact, only the power supply has undergone waterproof treatment).

The Koray SU98 has a nominal power of 24W, a measured power of 24.58W, an efficiency of 1.55umol/J, waterproof IP64 (both the power supply and LED module have been treated with waterproof treatment, resulting in higher reliability).

Koray K6-1 has a nominal power of 27W, measured at 26.74W, an efficiency of 1.63umol/J, waterproof IP64


From the table, it can be seen that due to COB, the luminescence efficiency is not high. The highest Koray-K6-1 is only 1.63umol/J, and the lowest sample 2 has an efficiency of only 1.12umol/J.



Koray PAR38 K6-1 27W Light efficiency test


If there is a high requirement for light efficiency, it is recommended to choose a white PAR38 bule lamp. The white shell can enhance the reflectivity of the lens, so the luminous efficiency will be higher, about 8% higher


(Note: Our comparative test is also black vs black, silver vs white).


In addition to testing optical and electronic data, we also tested temperature rise.


PAR30 and PAR38 grow light bulb Thermal Imaging


From left to right, the order is: sample 1, Koray SU98-24W, sample 2, Koray K6-1 27W. It can be seen that the temperature rise of sample 2 is relatively high (due to the use of PAR30 shell to produce a 30W product).

So in order to ensure product life and reduce heat dissipation, Koray standard products will not use PAR30 heat sinks above 20W.


Regarding waterproofing treatment:

Koray’s PAR38 plant growth light, LED module, and lens are also sealed with silicone, providing better waterproof performance.



The power supply is sealed with silicone




Koray’s PAR38 plant growth bulb lamp, LED module and lens are also sealed with silicone




Water shower test of Koray plant growth lamp PAR38 bulb


Finally, we will conduct a high-temperature and high-humidity environment test, and report the progress of the test after one month.


I am a grow light engineer, welcome to discuss plant growth lights.