Design and application of plant lamp with flowering switch – welcome to apply for free samples

We all know that marijuana needs more blue light spectrum at seedling stage and vegetative growth stage, while at flowering stage, it needs more red light spectrum, especially infrared or far red light. Many examples have proved that increasing red light and far red light during flowering can increase flowering, increase yield and harvest in advance.


Based on the above reasons, we designed G240C, which is a plant grow light module that turns on additional deep red 660nm light and 730nm far-red light during the flowering period of cannabis.


We encountered a challenge, which one is better, based on our more than ten years of research and development on the production of plant lights, and the actual test planting. We have selected 2 spectra, and we also hope to select one of these two spectra as the final product model.


The first spectrum, F135

                          F135 spectrum, seedling and vegetative phase, spectrum map of more-blue light CCT 3500K



This is a spectrum with less green light and a high color rendering index Ra>90

F135 turns on the flowering switch spectrum, and the multi red far red spectrum is used for marijuana flowering


I personally tend to choose this spectrum as the final product model, Because this spectrum has more blue and red light factors effective for plants, that is, less green light


The second spectrum, F136

F136 spectrum, seedlings and vegetative growth period, more blue light spectrum, CCT 3600K


Compared with the F135 spectrum, the green light is more, and the color rendering index is lower Ra88

F136 spectrum opens the spectrum of flowering switch, more red light and far-red light, suitable for cannabis flowering



G240C series, using Samsung LM301H and Osram horticultural LED lamp beads, and using MEAN WELL power supply

This is currently a globally recognized brand of high-end plant lamp beads, and it is also the highest-grade plant lamp product of koray.


G240C product design drawing, reflective cup to protect lamp beads and improve PPFD

Using 52 Osram LEDs and 576 Samsung LM301H, high efficiency, is the most solid guarantee for improving the yield and quality of cannabis


Multi-lamp group control dimmer




Cannabis flowering switch, significantly increase flowering


In the vegetative growth period, the leaves and roots grow quickly with more blue light, and in the flowering period, there is more red light, and the flowering amount is large, which increases the yield.


Compared with similar products, the cannabis yield can be significantly improved from the experimental planting that has been started. If you also need sample plant lights for experimental planting, you can contact us. If the conditions are suitable, we can even give you free samples.


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