Koray LED Grow Lights, Focus on Indoor Agriculture


Koray produced LED products in 2006 and LED plant grow light products in 2008 for Japan and Europe. In 2018, Koray already owns several series of Grow Light products, LED Tissue Culture Module, LED Production Module, LED Research Module, Plant LED Top lighting, LED flowering lamp, High-Low-Bay LED Grow Lights and Medicinal plant LED Grow Lights, indoor hydroponic systems, Indoor planting Multi-storey boxes, Grow Tents medicinal plant growth systems.

As an 12-year LED horticultural lighting manufacturer,

Koray Grow Lights, Focus Indoor Agriculture, For the plant factories, Indoor Farming at Home, vertical planting, greenhouse cultivation, indoor basement cultivation, to provide the perfect horticultural LED solutions. Plants to grow without sunlight in indoor environments.


Vertical Farming Lights

Koray GW45 Series LED Grow Light Waterproof Bar(LED Production Module), compared to similar LED lights, Energy-saving more than 50%. Establishment of efficient plant factories, Vertical Farming, this cultivation growing in small areas, using multiple layers to maximize production.


Indoor Farming at Home

Farming at Home, Grow vegetables in the kitchen, Leafy vegetables & ripe fruit without daylight, Indoors ornamental plants, Flower pots and succulents, Recommended small size LED Grow bar, LED Grow Light Bulb.


Indoor Vertical Horticulture System

Suitable for test planting and home planting crops, Cultivate healthy plants regardless of the weather conditions or the season.

Indoor Hydroponic Systems, Including Hydroponics shelf tube frame, Foam cube, Net cup, Machenical timer, pump, Hose, Grow Lights. Plants to grow without sunlight in indoor environments. For home grown vegetables, especially suitable for farm experiments to grow crops!

Indoor Vegetable Garden Box systems, Recommended Species: Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, leek, onion, parsley, basil, tomato, pepper, Small potatoes varieties-Parisienne Potatoes and so on.


Medicinal plant cultivation

Koray plant grow light Module system, multiple channels can be adjusted to adapt to the medicinal plant nursery, Seedling Vegetative, Flowering, Harvesting growth stage; Suitable for planting medicinal plants in the basement, plant tents for growing medicinal plants.


Greenhouse cultivation Lights

High wire varieties vegetables, herbs and soft fruits, leafy vegetables, Tall plants, Such as tomatoes, Cucumber, blueberries, medicinal plants. Optional: Top light plant light, high power UFO plant light, high power plant light module.


Koray LED Grow Lights Module, you can customize the plant lights you need, plant spectra, photosynthetic light quantum density, power, size, shape.


City farming, also called urban agriculture, is growing a kitchen garden in a city.

LED Grow Lights – Vertical Farming Indoor Agriculture reinvents City farming! Koray attentively serves urban agriculture