Vision: The leader in plant grow lighting, the industry’s favorite bio-lighting expert!

Values: Pursue the happiness of all employees; create value for customers!

Serving more than1000 growers

Provide comprehensive solutions for greenhouse cultivation, medicinal plant cultivation, hydroponic vegetable plant factory, and seedling base.

Intelligent control, not only timing dimming, but also adjusting the spectrum, so that plants grow at a high speed, increasing quality and yield.



Koray and its affiliated company, Ruixian Electronics, have been producing plant grow lights since 2008,Provide high-quality LED plant light products to the world, mainly including: EU countries, USA,Canada, UK, Israel, Japan etc.

Koray owns 2800 square feet of experimental planting area! providing perfect horticulture LED solutions for plant factories, home garden, vertical farming, greenhouses, indoor basement and grow tent etc.



Koray takes innovation, excellence, integrity, and creating value for customers as its business philosophy. Now it has more than 80 domestic and foreign patents.



Koray products meet the safety certification standards around the world



Koray, the World’s first to define the Best Grow Light with 6 Indispensable Elements. Effective for plants is the first point of grow lights, which contains: Light Uniformity, Tunable spectrum is the best spectrum, as the core points.



Koray, Uniform Light, Plants Grow Evenly, High Light Uniformity, Care for Each of Your Plants


Tunable spectrum is the best light recipe

Adjusting the most suitable spectrum according to different plants at different growth stages. 

 At present, Koray already has four series of grow light products: Folding and Array LED Grow Lights, Grow tent quantum board , Greenhouse toplighting LED Grow lights, and plant factory LED Grow lights etc.


Koray has attended exhibitions since 2013,such as Guangzhou International lighting Exhibition, HK International Lighting Fair, Asia Agri-Tech, GreenTech Amsterdam, MJBizCon LasVegas ,etc.


Koray, Create an eco-world for you !