A true full-cycle growing plant light developed for flowering crops, using different spectrum and illumination during the vegetative growth period and the flowering period of seedlings.

Design purpose: For full-cycle cultivation of flowering plants such as strawberries and medicinal plants.

Usage scenarios: Strawberries are grown on shelves in plant factories, or flowering crops are grown indoors at home.



  1. Size should be as small as possible, and it needs to have a lower temperature rise
  2. Built-in power supply
  3. Meet the 6 elements of the grow light

Strawberry cultivation with Koray grow lights


Analysis before design:

We know that the spectrum and illuminance (PPFD) required by crops are different at different growth stages.

Especially flowering plants, they will need more blue light at their seedlings and vegetative growth period, and more red light during the flowering period. This requires us to design a tunable spectrum plant light.


Light intensity (PPFD), even for high-light crops, the light required for seedlings is low in the early stage, about 100-150µmol/m²/s., In the later stage of seedlings about 200-350µmol/m²/s., and the vegetative growth period is about 300- 600µmol/m²/s, flowering period is 600-1200µmol/m²/s.

At different stages of actual planting, it is best to gradually increase the red light content in the spectrum, as well as gradually increase the light intensity (PPFD).

The Horti Guru Grow Light Control System can be used.


Based on the above analysis, the lamps we designed need to meet all the above conditions. According to the principle of backward compatibility, the maximum light PPFD of our lamps needs to reach 1200µmol/m²/s, which meets the lighting requirements at the flowering and scion stage, and the multi-blue light PPFD At least 600µmol/m²/s is required to meet the light requirements during the vegetative growth period.

In addition, the product also needs to meet the needs of home planting, which requires that a single lamp can also meet the above-mentioned spectrum and illuminance PPFD (at least the minimum illuminance at this growth stage).


Product design:

Explosion diagram of adjustable spectrum plant grow light bar


AC plug and dual channel dimmer, plug and play



Adjustable Spectrum Grow Light Strip Spectrogram:

Channel 1, using multiple blue light spectrum, suitable for plant seedling stage.

Channel 2, using deep red and far-red spectrum, properly added for the vegetative growth period of plants. Gradually increase the content of deep red and far-red light during flowering to promote flowering.

All open for plant scion stage to improve crop quality and yield.




Dual-channel adjustable spectrum grow lights connected in series



Validation of the design:

Whether it meets the 6 major elements of plant lights: effective for plants, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable, long life, Human perceived comfort, and intelligent control.

  1. PPFD illumination and spectrum design, different spectrums are used for seedlings, vegetative growth and flowering periods, and the spectrum is effective. The single lamp PPFD test exceeds 600µmol/m²/s(0.3m), and the illumination meets the requirements of crops and conforms to the principle of being effective for crops.
  2. The luminous efficiency exceeds 2.5umol/J, which meets the requirements of high efficiency and energy saving.
  3. The temperature rise is lower than 28°C, operating temperature is lower than 35°C, power supply meets the safety regulations of various countries, and EMI and EMCLVD meet the safety regulations.
  4. The service life is more than 50,000 hours, and warranty is 5 years.
  5. Full spectrum high color rendering index, no stroboscopic, clear view of crop growth, Human perceived comfort!.
  6. Compatible with Horti Guru grow light control system, it can be realized remote intelligent control to the spectrum and brightness, gradually increase PPFD or change the spectrum, do whatever you want.

Additional design points:

Compatible with EU20 standard bolts, fixed sliders, and hanging parts.

EU20 standard parts installation slot, easy to hang and install


If you need free samples for test or any suggestions, please contact Koray