It has been more than two months from the seed to now, and finally saw the fruit, it should not be far from the harvest!

As I mentioned last time, five plant lamps with different spectra are in production, and the progress is slower than expected. In addition to the spectra, the PPFD should be basically the same. Two of them are dual-channel with UVA added, which is still a bit complicated.

Today, I will introduce to you the varieties that I have planted and have produced fruit.

Some of the crops planted here started to soak seeds on February 3, 2021. Today is April 19, 75 days, which is still very long. These are 12-hour lighting with low light without deliberately adjusting the light. And spectrum.

(In addition, there are also experimental planting of fast-growing crops. There is a summer sun tomato, a sweet aperitif tomato, a Dragon’s Breath pepper, a Carolina pepper, long sunlight for 16 hours a day, and sowing on March 17. Planting seeds, 33 days today, the tomato has bloomed and it should be considered to be growing quickly, but the leaves of the tomato are a little yellow. The Carolina pepper already has flower buds. The growth of the Dragon Breath pepper is not good, but compared to the same period of conventional cultivation. Plants of the same varieties of peppers are twice as tall)

Picture above

Green tiger tomato, originally thought that the plant is weak, the leaves have been curled, but the flowers and fruits are good.

Super sweet 100, Can be harvested in bunches, early-maturing varieties of tomatoes.

Beefsteak tomato, the largest tomato variety, is more prone to blossomed rot of tomato

Heirloom Sweet Million Tomato, the recommended variety, growth and scion are good.

Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato, recommended for planting, now it looks like the best growth and results

San Marzano Tomato, some fruits with umbilical rot have been cut off

Chaotian peppers in clusters, the seedlings of peppers were purchased on March 9th

Facing heaven pepper, pepper seedlings are purchased on the market, date is March 9

Ghost pepper Bhut Jolokia has already bloomed many small flowers

Zhangshugang pepper, one of the most expensive peppers in China, the flavor of self-grown must be different

Finally, let’s talk about planting. Tomato navel rot is related to varieties. Soil culture is prone to navel rot, and hydroponics can reduce tomato navel rot;
I don’t know if it’s the problem of hydroponic nutrient solution. The tomato seedlings grown in soil grow faster and bloom and bear fruit faster

Among all the tomato varieties that I planted from seeds, only Indigo Pear Drops Tomatohas no results yet and its growth is very weak.

Planting, I am still learning and practicing.

Next time, I will introduce the peppers I have bred. Among them is the most expensive pepper variety Aji Charapita